Lead Teacher: Mr. Sieloff

A pop vocal and instrumental ensemble focusing on performance.

This class meets 6th period (1:05-1:54).

This group has two major performances each year.

Special practices are required.

Audition Day Procedures

Black Magic Auditions



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Thank you for choosing to audition for Black Magic.  Auditions are open to current Permian Choir students.  Black Magic is a highly select vocal music ensemble which requires several important skills.  The most important skill for membership in this ensemble is the ability to work as a part of a team.  The “Magic” of Black Magic is that rare ability and willingness to submit the will and desire of the individual for the good of the group.  The ability to maintain a positive attitude, the initiative to be a self-starter, and a work-ethic to complete the job, no matter how difficult, are vital qualities for membership.  Because Black Magic is one of the most highly visible groups in the Ector County ISD, every aspect of a student’s qualifications for membership are subject to consideration.  Among these are consistently high grades, outstanding teacher recommendations, proven team work, and leadership skills.  Vocal ability, dance ability, musical skill, and overall performance potential also figure very strongly into the selection process.


Students chosen for Black Magic will be expected to: 

1) Maintain academic eligibility

2) Display appropriate behavior in and out of school  

3) Participate in the TMEA All-State Choir process. 

Failure to fulfill these requirements will result in dismissal at the discretion of Mr. Sieloff.   As the Director of Choirs, Mr. Sieloff reserves the authority to have the final say in all matters related to the ensemble, including membership and proper grounds for dismissal. 


Step 1


There are two round of auditions.  The first round of auditions will take place in the upper choir room at PHS on Friday, August 7, 2020. PLEASE NOTE: Alternate audition dates/times are not an option.  Please make every effort to make yourself available for these dates.


THE FIRST ROUND OF SOLO AUDITIONS ARE OPEN TO THE PERFORMER’S FAMILY ONLY.   The first round (solo round) will occur from approximately 4pm – 9pm.  Students may either sing with live accompaniment or with recorded accompaniment.  Students will only be allowed to perform 3 mintues-worth of music.  Once your three minutes is over, a judge will stop you.  The student also has the choice to sing through the amplified sound system (mics) or to simply sing without amplification. 


After the first round of auditions, the judging panel will select students for a second call back round of auditions that will take place on Saturday, August 8, beginning at 4pm.  The names of these students will be posted on our website ( by 10:30pm on Friday, August 7.  All students chosen for call backs must be available between 6:00 – 9:00pm on Saturday, August 8.  All women selected for call backs should be prepared to sing the soprano and alto lines of the Alma Mater, and men selected for call backs should be prepared to sing the soprano (melody), tenor and bass lines of the Alma Mater.  The call back procedure will also include a mandatory dance portion.  Students will be observed as a part of a group of dancers.      ​

Scores will be confidential and posted results will be final.  The judging panel will consider all aspects of the student’s performance in making its final decisions. 

If there are questions regarding selection criteria for Black Magic, please speak to Mr. Sieloff before the audition.  Once the results have been announced, there will be no point in further discussion of the matter.  Results will be announced via phone call or Zoom.  New members will be notified by the first day of school (August 12).


Step 4

Each student auditioning, along with a parent/guardian, must sign the following Audition Contract.

No student will be permitted to audition unless they turn this form in on the day of the audition.

Questions & Concerns

Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Sieloff with any questions or concerns regarding the process, requirements, or any other information.

PLEASE NOTE: Alternate audition dates/times are not an option.  Please make every effort to make yourself available for these dates.


Interested in a "Behind the Scenes" Position?

If you are interested in joining Black Magic as an ensemble manager or sound technician, stay tuned!  We will have more information available about these positions as the year starts.

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